Treasury of Athens

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Tu ważyły się losy starożytnej Grecji a państwa przechowywały swoje skarbce- miejsce budzi nostalgie

emerson picq

Un moment inoubliable. Ce site inspire la soif de connaissances. Nous pouvons ressentir le temps qui passe.

Iris Mueck

We hit this place upon our bicycle tour April 2012. We started in Athens, have been riding over here by train. Then riding along the Parnassus​ mountain range has been a cold ride. We stayed two days for the reason to re-warm our souls and body and to visit the archiological site.

Craig Cheng

The Athenian Treasury located in Delphi is built out of marble in 480-510 BC. It is the best preserved monument in the Apollonian Sanctuary and served as a treasury for the Athenian offerings to Apollo. It is a beautiful structure you should not miss.

Stoyanka Ivanova

The Treasury of the Athenians had enough of its original building material preserved to allow for its almost complete reconstruction. Designed to hold the multitude of Athenian offerings to the Delphi oracle. The building was constructed entirely of Parian marble and had a Doric frieze decorated with 30 metopes. To the left of the treasury, in a highly visible triangular area the Athenians displayed the actual spoils from the battle of Marathon. A large inscription at its front described what the visitors were witnessing: "The Athenians to Apollo from the spoils of the Persians at the Battle of Marathon."
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