ArcelorMittal Orbit

star4.2 ·
placeQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 3 Thornton St, London E20 2AD, UK
phone+44 333 800 8099


Steve Peca

This venue is worth a visit now that it has the the slide. Besides going down the slide and looking at it from afar, a visit to the viewing platform is underwhelming. You can't really see the main sights, you're behind an obstructive fence and there's not much to see. The slide though, that's where things get fun! You have to wear a head gear, arm protectors and sit in a big sack. All of this is worth the hassle because the slide ride is a long and thrilling one! The best bits are the ones where you can see the view, going through the transparent parts. I really wish the whole ride was like this because most of it is in darkness which is disappointing. The other issues is that the slides costs £15 which they try to justify by selling it as a double ticket along with the viewing platform (which is not worth paying anything for). If you could slide for £5 a ride, or sell a multi ride pass, I'd visit often.


Slide information not clear. You are expected to spend 30mins at the top before using the Slide so first slide not till 11 on a Sunday. Slide doesn't run if it's raining, we waited an hour before being told the Slide was closed. No information from staff, who were polite, but couldn't tell us what to do. Eventually asked if we could have a refund, which they can't do on site. Update, details taken on the day for a refund. But no refund given, had to follow up with two emails and a call. So make sure you watch them. Baring in mind it often rains on the UK and the Slide can't function in the rain. If question how often it's closed.

Daniel Doherty

Very friendly and welcoming staff, great to see Olympic Stadiums still being used. Amazing views across London, the sonic mirror was fun and the slide was great fun. The adrenaline is still pumping;)

Jacopo D

If you have been already everywhere else.. if good to go! 12£ is a big high compared to the Shard(25) or the SkyGarden(free)... but if you need somenthig to do to spend 1/2 hour in Stratford, is ok!

Anish Shah

Legacy of the 2012 London Olympics the Orbit is an icon of British creativity as well as a symbol of regeneration of a deprived area into a beautiful urban playground. The orbit itself is great but going up it is like any tall building, but without much to look at over Stratford area except for London and Canary wharf in the distance. A new addition to the sculpture is the slide which I've not been on but this would be the only reason for a revisit.
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