Bianjieyi Station

star3.2 · flag1
place252, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Sanzhi District, 古庄里四棧橋24-1號
phone+886 2 2636 1548


Erik B.

Two stars are earned for a nice juicy steak and having air conditioning. Everything else unfortunatly falls flat. Yapping dogs inside, dull knife that wouldn't cut my steak, the worlds smallest portion of mashed potatoes, and a trout that was more like "trout jerkey". Pretty much the only thing done well was the steak and I beleive that's because it requires no skill, just throw it on the grill.. Overall, for the price, the place is an abysmal tourist trap, however if you just went in and got a slab of meat to go you'd probably be happy.

Elias Gasparis

Overrated and expensive. Some places "become famous" and stay that way even though quality falls and prices rise. They don't even have steak knives? How can you cut the steak?Best steak place is 番婆林 which is nearby!

Roy Huang

Ribs were great, the prime rib was okay, but the salad and soup was disappointing. Haven't tried other similar restaurants nearby, so maybe they'll be better?

Tom Jong

Overrated and over priced! Prices have gone up 25% since I last went! Crazy...

Jacobo Gaitan

Great place to eat some Texas style meals. Both the stake and chicken are delicious!
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