star4.5 ·
placeLittle Tokyo Shopping Center 3F, 333 S Alameda St #310, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States
phone+1 213-617-0305


William Hutzler

Ordered to go and I am not a fan of vegan but I decided to give this place a shot because I'm doing 7 days vegan for a cleanse Lol. Anyways the only thing decent was the ramen... I had the ramen evolution and also two rolls: crunchy tiger hidden dragon and dynamite roll 2.0 .. Also had the gyoza. Just wasn't that great to me.. Too much drowning in sauce for both rolls. If I come back I'll only get the ramen.

Neal Segura

In the Little Tokyo Marketplace on the 3rd floor. Between the curtains :) Everything was tasty! Service was great! Drinks were delicious. A little overprices for the quantity of food that they serve you. Nonetheless yummy and I will be back. Baked "Salmon" Roll was delicious and quite the experience with the torch burning right in front of you.

Jason Buhle

Some items were a bit bland, but others were very flavorful and delicious. The vegan egg was the most interesting, and was loved even by non-vegans at our table. Several of the spicy rolls were also very good. Dining here is definitely an unusual and enjoyable experience.

Loralee Coons

Pretty good food. Had the brown rice with tofu, peanut slaw, corn, and more! Lots of options and the quantity was plentiful. Near the end it felt kinda bland but overall cool restaurant.

Victoria P.

My sister is vegetarian, so I try to find restaurants that have a good vegetarian selection. I was worried that I wouldn't find any in Little Tokyo, but luckily I found Shojin Downtown. The entire menu is vegetarian/vegan, so my sister wasn't limited at all. We ordered the maple brussels sprouts, Dynamite Roll 2.0, Crispy Golden State, Shojin Ramen, and the Sweet Orange Soy Chicken. I really liked the brussels sprouts. They were sweet and crispy, and the black salt was a good contrast. I wish there was more. The rolls were really delicious, and I especially liked the Crispy Golden State. We go the roll with the balsamic sauce upon recommendation (the other option is a ginger tamarin sauce). The soy meat was fried perfectly. The orange chicken was really good, and surprisingly light. The chicken was encased in a fried potato, which made it look so pretty. The ramen was comforting on the cold night, and the kale in the soup was so good! For dessert, we ordered the sweet potato mochi and the pumpkin pudding. They were both so yummy. The sweet potato mochi also came with a sweet potato ice cream, sweet potato puree, and a teriyaki sauce. It sounds savory, but it was sweet. The pumpkin pudding came with seasonal fruit and a coconut whipped cream. Service was excellent. The waitresses were really nice and explained all the dishes that came to our table. And even though the restaurant is located in the mall, it's enclosed by heavy curtains so it feels exclusive. The only downfall is that it can get really warm, but we didn't mind it so much since it was cold outside. I highly recommend this place, especially if you have a vegetarian in your group. The food is so good that everyone, including the meat eaters, will leave satisfied.
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